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TopHatter is one of the most popular online auction platforms that have got taken eCommerce to the next level. TopHatter consumers get an opportunity to be able to engage in live bidding for very exclusive items. In fact, the website allows users to wager free of charge hence making it a perfect alternative with regard to the traditional penny auction sites.

TopHatter is one of the most energetic auction sites considering typically the fact that countless online auctions are closed every day. Typically the platform even outperforms probably the most popular penny website like DealDash and QuiBids when it comes to the number of shutting auctions.

It is normally an easy task to win an auction on this kind of a fast paced platform along with countless auctions. However, some users normally complain of long shipping times regarding certain products and the large products fees due to higher shipping fees. Such problems have made users to look for other sites like TopHatter that could address some associated with the challenges linked to the free of charge bidding platform. Examples of such alternatives that will be discussed in this article include;

  • Liquidation
  • Ebid
  • OnlineAuction. com
  • Bonanza
  • Listia



Recognized Site

Liquidation is a favorite public sale site for overstocked companies who are its primary source of inventory. The site is similar to TopHatter in terms of reside bidding and deals within bulky items. Some of the most notable items for bidding on this particular site include sporting goods plus different types of electronic goods like Android capsules. The site is suitable for the general public and organizations that want to obtain more inventory.

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ebid sites like ebay

Recognized Site

This specific is one of the biggest online auction sites as it currently boasts of 2 million users. Users are guaranteed a fantastic selection including a broad range of weird goods. Examples of product categories that are available for auction in this site include “Wholesale & Large Lots”, “Spiritual and Metaphysical”, and “Sport Memorabilia”. The site has a good extensive help section that will makes the buying procedure simple and enjoyable.

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OnlineAuction. com


Recognized Site

This is an auction internet site that was specifically designed for auctioning collectibles like coins and stamps yet other items can still be sold on the woking platform. Buyers can find a good amazing assortment of classic automobiles and a comprehensive portfolio of car elements. OnlineAuction. com is your web site of choice when searching for those rare items. This is another public sale site similar to TopHatter but its main objective is to make the job of collectors as easy as possible.

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Sites like Bonanza

Official Site

It you are usually looking for unique items which are different from the ordinary, Bonanza will be your public sale site of choice. This can be a site where you can bump into vintage items and avoid the vitality of moving from shopping mall to another. Bonanza is simple to use for both buyers and sellers plus is one of few websites like TopHatter which may have seen its number regarding users grow in the particular recent past.

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Established Site

Whenever searching for that special item, an user is able to enjoy the awesome whistles and bells upon the slick website. This is not your ordinary auction site as transactions are carried out using credits. Users acquire credits by signing up or listing items regarding sale on the system. You can then use the credits to buy even more stuff or trade all of them for cash.


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