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If you’re looking for websites like Rate My Professor to give ratings to your teachers and school, you won’t wish to miss out on this list. We’ve compiled a summary of the best teacher rating web sites online, letting you find out exactly about professors and educational institutions from all over the globe.

Whether you’re from Canada, the USA, Europe or anywhere else, these sites are likely to make it possible for you to find what you’re looking for. Teacher rating web sites allow you to rank your professors, schools and also see what others need to say about them.

While Rate My Professor is one of the most popular websites of the genre, may very well not always be able to find details about a specific professor. Checking out more sites like Rate My Professor is likely to make it feasible for you to find even more information. Browse our list below to get started now!

  • Rate My Teacher
  • Uloop
  • Teacher Complaints
  • Students Review
  • Rate a Prof

Rate My Teacher

rate my teachers

Official Site

Rate My Teachers is one of the most useful teacher rating site on the web. If you’re a fan of web sites like Rate My Professor, you won’t want to lose out on this site. It lets teachers, parents and students give their inputs on classrooms, teachers and schools. Whether you want to rate a high school teacher or even an university campus, Rate My Teachers certainly is the place to be.

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sites like uloop

Official Site

Uloop is one of the very interesting web sites that you’ll love visiting if you’re a college student. Along with a ton of useful information, access to textbooks and helpful resources, Uloop also allows you to rate professors on the web. Uloop allows you for you to quickly rate professors from your school, or any other school for instance. Browse the professor ratings now or enter your own ratings at Uloop.

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Teacher Complaints

teacher complaint sites

Official Site

If your teachers are getting in your nerves, have their favorite students or just aren’t doing their job correctly, Teacher Complaints is the spot to go. That is one of the best websites like Rate My Professor if you want to complain about your teacher. Whether you’re in high school, college or even university, you can efficiently file a complaint at no cost.

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Students Review

students review

Official Site

Students Review is another exceptional place to be if you want to find reviews of all genres left by students. One of the best reasons for this site is that it’s much more than a teacher rating site. You will find full college reviews, interesting articles for students and much more. Students Review is one of the best resources for students all around the world.

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Rate a Prof

rate a prof

Official Site

Rate a Prof is one of the top sites like Rate My Professor on the internet. While the interface seems old and outdated, the information on this web site is always current. Millions of monthly contributors make Rate a Prof one of the best teacher rating sites on the web. File a complaint against a teacher, give feedback about campuses or simply search through all of the information left by other users.


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