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Alexa is probably the most used website ranking service in the world. Alexa ranks the top 30 million web sites on the internet and data according to users who visit each website. But in order for Alexa to gather data, users should have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser, which you can down load here: Get Alexa Toolbar

Alexa is advantageous for webmasters who want to know their website’s worldwide rank. It’s also useful for finding backlinks, main keywords used, sites visited before and after visiting the website involved and much more. Alexa can even gather specific information about your website’s visitors such as for example their amount of education, how old they are and more.

Among the downsides of Alexa is that it only gathers information from people who have the toolbar install and you need to pay for a monthly membership in order to unlock all of the stats . We’ve located the best Alexa alternatives so you can get exactly the same information for free. These free sites like Alexa are superb for webmasters and curious visitors – see the list now!

  • SEMrush
  • SimilarWeb
  • Quantcast
  • Website Informer
  • Ahrefs
  • Compete


Sites like SEMrush

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Alexa alternatives are few, but SEMrush is one of the only tools you should increase your arsenal that is actually worth investing in. Along with having numerous keyword development tools available, SEMrush also allows you browse website rankings and find valuable information about your competition. You will be able to quickly locate all of your backlinks, set up brand monitoring and determine which of your competitors have similar keywords. SEMrush also has their own built-in ranking system for websites, which is very similar to Alexa. Find the best tools for ranking your website at SEMrush and also you won’t ever need any other webmaster tools ever again.

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SimilarWeb is amongst the best alternatives to Alexa online. This free site lets you gather website data much more accurately, because users don’t desire a toolbar so that you can provide data. SimilarWeb is straightforward to use and contains pro tools available for those looking for deeper stats. SimilarWeb also gathers and compares data for mobile apps as well.

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Quantcast is one of the leading metrics tools for webmasters online. This web site lets you understand all of your traffic and the actual type of audience that visits your website. To be able to use Quantcast to calculate metrics for the site, you need to first sign up, but the entire process is free to use for everyone. Quantcast is a certainly free site like Alexa, but better.

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Website Informer

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With Website Informer, you will be able to gather important stats about your website within moments. WebsiteInformer is wholly free to use and it also gives you details about the owners of each site. This site is quite similar to Alexa and also comes with a widget that you can easily integrate directly into your own web site.

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Ahrefs is one of the best ways to find insights about your website besides Alexa. This site provides you with accurate data about backlinks, visitor stats, anchor keywords and much more. Ahrefs has a free trial that you can sign up for. Ahrefs also provides webmasters with a bunch of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION tools to help you fix up your website and make it the best it can possibly be.

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Compete is one of the oldest sites like Alexa on line. It provides you with accurate data about your site’s visitors and you may also compare data with other websites. Compete has a beautiful dashboard that makes it simple for you to quickly find all of the stats you’re looking for. Compete also has outstanding SEO tools so you can research quality keywords that work perfectly along with your website.

Why You Should View Web Statistics

Traffic web sites that demonstrate website statistics such as Alexa, SimilarWeb and much more, are extremely vital that you any webmaster who take analytics seriously. Whether your ultimate goal is to optimize each page on your site to boost searches in Google as well as if you only want to build a site as an interest, keeping an eye on your traffic is essential. Site statistics allow you to find out a whole lot of information about how others view website pages, how long they remain on your site, what they do, what they look at and much more.

Observing your audience will allow you to serve them better across all of your domains. Whether you’re wanting to gain clients or even if you’re building traffic web sites for ad income, knowing your audience is crucial. With Alexa alternatives, you can easily determine where your visitors are from, how much time they devote to each link, which internet search engine they originated from and much more. This data enables you to tweak the consumer experience to maximise revenues and really take advantage out of your traffic.

Make the Most From the Website Traffic

You can have 1 million daily visitors on your site, but if the engine that’s running your site is of low quality and if the information is all wrong for the audience, you will never make a dime. You have to be the very best host possible and in return, you will make tons of sales and earn maximum revenue from ads . Ensure that you check the report on each one of the web sites listed above each day. These reports often include tips on how you can specifically better your website. Whether that’s picking a new host, adding in specific key words, writing specific content or building banklinks, these websites like Alexa should certainly help increase your web site traffic .


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