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If you want to learn how to code online free of charge, you’re going to love using Codecademy. Web sites like Codecademy make it super simple for nearly anyone to learn coding online. They have numerous levels of code to learn including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and much more.

While Codecademy is certainly the most used coding school online, there are many Codecademy alternatives that provide similar, if not greater results. Our team has gathered a listing of websites like Codecademy which can be truly amazing and worth discovering.

Whether you want to discover ways to code online for initially or even if you want to learn on line coding for expert level programming languages, these sites have what you’re searching for. Scroll down to instantly gain access to the best sites like Codecademy online and you’ll be on your way to creating amazing websites, apps and software in no time!

  • Treehouse
  • Code School
  • Code
  • Khan Academy
  • Code Avengers
  • Udacity
  • Tynker


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Treehouse is one of the leading sites like Codecademy for learning to code online. It has over 1, 000 tutorial videos featuring expert teachers. There is also a dedicated code practicing area along with of good use code challenges. Treehouse provides you with badges when completing challenges, they have a special code forum and you can share your profile with potential employers as a type of coding resume.

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Code School

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Whether you want to learn HTML, Ruby or even how exactly to code iOS apps, you’ll love Code School. This Codecademy alternative is easy to use for beginners and complex enough for seasoned programmers. With Code School, you’ll arrive at follow thousands of courses, practice online and earn points for completing courses. Have a look at Code School right now if you’re trying to find free internet sites like Codecademy.

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Sites like code

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Code. org is one of the most useful places for newbies to learn coding online. Actually Code actually has a ton of exceptional tutorials and courses for children. The little one courses are made into educational games, which will make learning to code really fun. Practice code in the Code Studio or have a look at their numerous online tutorials. Code. org also makes it easy for you to find local coding courses in your area.

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Khan Academy

Sites like Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is amongst the top sites like Codecademy that makes learning to code online a breeze. Khan Academy is just a complete educational website where you are able to learn virtually any subject and even prep for exams such as the SATs. However , Khan Academy also offers a wonderful assortment of computer programming courses along with projects that you can complete online free of charge.

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Code Avengers

Sites like Code Avengers

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Another one of the excellent web sites like Codecademy is Code Avengers. This online code learning website is simple to use and brings you over 200+ hours of in-depth courses. They allow it to be easy for one to learn how to code beautiful internet sites, mobile phone apps and even games. Plus, Code Avengers allows you for you to contact coding experts if you ever come across any questions.

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Sites like Udacity

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Udacity is different than the code sites like Codecademy in the above list. This site offers you an actual degree that is identified by major businesses including Google. At Udacity, you choose a diploma to complete and complete most of the courses. Once you complete this program, you graduate and get an avowed diploma letting you land amazing coding jobs from top companies.

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Sites like Tynker

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Should you want to teach your children coding online, you’ll love Tynker. This coding site was built specifically for teaching kids how exactly to code with amusing games and puzzles. Tynker starts with the fundamentals of HTML and you can also choose various age ranges to locate more appropriate games. Tynker is easily among the best sites like Codecademy built for kids between the ages of 6 to 15 years old.


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