Loans like Satsuma allow you to get your hands on credit when you, the borrower, usually gets turned down for most credit loans. One of the best things about Satsuma loans is that the application process is simple and the loans repayable in several months make it easy for customers to pay back in full.

Payday loans Satsuma are quick cash loans that have higher interest rates, but are considered bad credit loans. This means that even if you have poor credit history or a bad credit score, you can get your hands on a Satsuma loan. While Satsuma, Provident and even Wonga loans credit is great, there are many alternatives that are even better.

Satsuma has a great interface and amazing promises, but their interest and APR rates are quite high. We’ve located loans like Satsuma that are easier to apply for and these lenders often have much lower rates. Save money and get yourself a term loan that you can actually afford by browsing the sites like Satsuma below.

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  • Loan Factory
  • Quid Expert
  • Get Payday
  • Quid Agent
  • My Advance Loan
  • Speedy Payday Loan
  • I Need Cash

Loan Factory

loan factory

Official Site

Loan Factory is among the top UK loan sites on the internet. They have many different instant loan options to choose from including homeowner loans, wedding loans, short term loans, personal loans and even consolidation loans. Loan Factory is very similar to Satsuma loans where you can get approved quickly and even with poor credit scores. Explore their website now to get started.

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Quid Expert

quid expert loans

Official Site

Quid Expert is among the best UK payday loans online that allows you to borrow money rapidly. With excellent lenders that provide you with low rates, you will benefit from instant cash loans at affordable payment terms. QuidExpert allows you to get your hands on the funds in under 1 business day and you can set flexible repayment terms according to your income. Browse QuidExpert right now to get started.

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Get Payday

get payday

Official Site

Get Payday makes getting your hands on quick cash loans really simple and if you love lenders like Rise Credit loans, you’re going to be extremely satisfied. With a fast application process and very transparent fees, you will always know exactly how much to expect to pay back. Get Payday is among the best payday loans UK has to offer. Low rates, fast receipt of the funds and very helpful customer support team makes Get Payday one of the first places you should visit for cash loans online.

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Quid Agent

quid agent

Official Site

Quid Agent is another one of the best payday loan sites online. With extremely affordable APR rates and the ability to customize the loans to your personal needs, Quid Agent is the place to be if you need instant cash. Their application process makes everything a breeze so you can apply for a term loan and get the credit in your bank account within just a day’s time.

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My Advance Loan

my advance loan

Official Site

My Advance Loan is another one of the best loans like Satsuma that you won’t want to miss out on. With the ability to borrow up to 1,000 British Pounds, you will easily be able to get the quick money you need as soon as you need it. Whether you need to fix your car, perform some home renovations or even pay off some late bills, My Advance Loan makes it all possible.

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Speedy Payday Loan

speedy payday loan

Official Site

One of the best things about Speedy Payday Loan is their outstanding support team that provides you with rapid assistance as soon as you need help. They have very decent variable APR rates and their instant cash loans come with flexible repayment terms. Apply for a UK loan online at Speedy Payday Loan and you’ll have the money in your account in as little as a day.

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I Need Cash

i need cash

Official Site

Another one of the excellent loans like Satsuma is I Need Cash. This online lender provides you with tons of information about borrowing money on the internet. With clear transparent rates and a very secure platform, your information will never be at risk. Fill out their online application form today and get the money within just a few hours.


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