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Websites like Coursera are amazing to get an education online without having to physically attend classes. Free online classes enable you to get a Coursera certificate and land a top paying job. If you’re looking for online classes, you’re planning to love Coursera. This website is simple to use, provides classes of several genres and allows you to advance your education online.

While Coursera is easily one of the most popular online courses platforms available, there are many Coursera alternatives that are just as good, or even better. These sites much like Coursera will help you to enjoy free online learning that can actually provide you with a diploma.

Our team looked for the best MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) sites like Coursera. If you want to advance your education and if you wish to join on line courses, you’re going to love this list. Scroll down to instantly access the best Coursera alternatives and commence learning on line today!

  • Udemy
  • edX
  • Khan Academy
  • Saylor Academy
  • Lynda
  • Alison
  • Codecademy


Sites like Udemy

Official Site

Another one of the leaders in the online learning industry is Udemy. This learning site enables you to find courses of all genres. They currently have over 40, 000 courses available to choose from and they have significantly more than 11 million subscribed students. As one of the major Coursera alternatives, you’ll easily manage to find an online class that suits your specific needs. Browse the online courses at Udemy today!

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Sites like edx

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edX brings you the best courses from the most effective institutions in the world. You will be able to take online courses from places like Harvard, Berkeley, MIT and lots of other Ivy league universities. edX is incredibly easy to use with a lovely learning platform. If you’re looking for A-list alternatives to Coursera, edX should be the first place you visit. Learn how it works by visiting their website now.

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Khan Academy

Sites like Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is among the best place like Coursera online. It allows you to benefit from tons of free courses ranging from math, coding and even science. Whatever kind of online courses you’re searching for, you will likely think it is available at Khan Academy. The courses are very well built, making the entire learning process very simple. Check out Khan Academy at this time to get started with your free on line learning!

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Saylor Academy

Sites like Coursera Saylor Academy

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Saylor Academy is one of the underground learning websites that hasn’t received as much attention because the other websites listed above. None the less, it’s amazing and has an impressive catalog of online courses waiting to be discovered. Saylor provides you with free certificates when you complete courses and you can even earn college credits. Browse the classes online available at Saylor Academy to begin learning now.

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Sites like Lynda

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Lynda is not quite as much like Coursera as the other web sites listed here. As opposed to providing you with actual courses online, Lynda gives you video tutorials to help you learn new skills. These videos were filmed by experts within their respective industries, so the information is amazing. You’ll find all sorts of educational tutorial videos including business management, coding, designed, photography and much more!

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Sites like coursera

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Alison is another of the great sites like Coursera on the web. This site brings you free online courses from amazing sources. Experts in various industries have come together to bring you amazing online classes allowing you to get yourself a higher education on the web. Various types of online courses are available including diploma courses, health & safety compliance courses and much more. Discover their online classes now!

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One of the best sites like Coursera that lets you learn to code websites is Codecademy. This site allows one to easily learn to code websites in various programming languages. Whether you’re a beginner who would like to code HTML or even if you’re a professional looking to raise your coding knowledge, Codecademy has it all. Find the amazing coding courses offered at Codecademy now!


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