There’s a ton of websites that sell cool and unique fabric for all your sewing and reupholstering needs. SpoonFlower is the best online fabric store to design your own custom fabric. You can also make one of a kind wallpaper and gift wrap with SpoonFlower.

With SpoonFlower, you start with a design of your own or choose one that’s included in their massive collection, from there you choose the product of your choice (fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap), and then you print to order. There are no minimums and SpoonFlower ships internationally starting at just $2.00. SpoonFlower also uses eco-friendly material with each design.

SpoonFlower is unlike any fabric store you’ll ever find, and it is addictive. Be warned. Any kind of print or design you’ll ever find, can be made into something with SpoonFlower. Get creative and see how much a little touch can add so much more charm to your home. Like we mentioned above, there are a lot of sites like SpoonFlower on the internet. We’ve searched the web to find only the best. You can find them all below.

  • Joann
  • West Elm
  • Overseas Fabrics
  • Len’s Mill Stores
  • Fabric Bubb

Online Fabric Store

Website –

$100 off order of $1,000 or more with Code: SAVE$100TODAY

Online Fabric Store is a great place to buy fabric online, like all the other sites like SpoonFlower on this list. Online Fabric Store makes it easy to find great prints and they carry all the designs you’ve seen on your favorite HGTV shows. Shipping is also free on orders over $50. This site also has free shipping days, come back often to order on one of those days.


Website –

This addition to our list of stores like SpoonFlower has everything a fabric addict will ever need. Fabric has all types of fabric for any home décor project you can think of. Do you want to upgrade an old ottoman, or reupholster a worn down dining chair? You can do that with this online store and save money too. All orders over $49 give you free shipping and deals are added to this site all the time.


Website –

If you’re someone who loves to craft and sew you probably already use Joann as your go-to. This website similar to SpoonFlower has a ton of modern inspired fabrics and more. Sales are frequent and fun patterns are often. Coupons for Joann are easily accessible and are available all the time. For a ton of discounts and a ton of choice, check out this addition to our list of sites like SpoonFlower. You also get $4.99 shipping on all orders.

West Elm

Website –

West Elm is one of the best home decor sites you can find for awesome deals and inspiring designs, did you know that this site also sells fabric by the yard? It does, and their selection is awesome and low priced. This addition to our list of fabric stores online is a hidden secret that must be divulged to people looking for fabric.

Overseas Fabrics

Website –

This site is based in Western Canada and ships all over the world. There are over 90,000 fabrics in their inventory, with that much choice, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Overseas Fabrics is the largest store of its kind. This addition to our list of sites like SpoonFlower offers low prices every day and has you covered for all your fabric, quilting, notions, and foam needs.

Len’s Mill Stores

Website –

Another one of the top additions to our list of sites like SpoonFlower is Len’s Mill Store. This site has an incredible selection of colours and fabrics. Len’s Mill Stores has everything you might be looking for. Browse their homepage for amazing discounts and deals. Len’s Mill Stores is a crafters paradise. This site is a lot more than a place to buy fabric online.

Fabric Bubb

Website –

With Fabric Bubb, you get a cheap quality fabric that’s suitable for pillows, curtains, quilts, and more. Yard’s average at about $10 a yard, which isn’t a bad deal at all. Shop in bulk to save even more. Fabric Bubb is a modern shop with geometric and trendy designs. Fabric Buff cuts and ships within 24 hours and their prices are very competitive.


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