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If you need to edit a photo, and you do not have the necessary skills, then pay attention to the sites that we list below.  Here you can find a list of free sites like PicMonkey.

  1. Fotojet
  2. Fotoraccurately
  3. Ribbet
  4. Photoshop Express Editor
  5. BeFunky

1) Fotojet 

A great site like PicMonkey. It provides such functions:

  • Editing photos. Improve your images.
  • Create unique collages. Collect all the best photos into one and let it please you.
  • Adding filters, effects to your photos.
  • All functionality of this PicMonkey alternative is completely free.
  • The interface is made so that everything is intuitive.
  • To start using all the features you need to register, the process is not complicated and does not take a lot of time.
  • You will be given tips on how best to do the editing.

2) Fotoraccurately

Do you have a desire to quickly and edit your photos? Then refer to this photo editor like PicMonkey, it will provide the following functions:

  • Upgrade your self-made images and downloaded from the Internet.
  • Combine everything in a collage. In this way, you can do it, like a gift for acquaintances, or just a reminder of some moment in your life.
  • Unique filters and effects will be available to you. 
  • All functionality on this website like Picnik monkey is completely free. 
  • The interface is easy to use. With it, you can raise productivity to the highest level.
  • To start working with platform you need to register. The process is not complicated and does not take much time. 
  • You are given the opportunity to include tips (if you are a beginner), and disable if you are already experienced.

3) Ribbet

Modern service similar to PicMonkey will also solve the tasks assigned to it. It is considered one of the best in his field. I got this title thanks to such things:

  • Image editing will no longer cause unnecessary questions. Here it was optimized and made very simple. 
  • Create and publish collages on your social networks. 
  • A large list of tools, with them you can achieve the highest results.
  • Unique filters and effects will be available to you. 
  • This is a PicMonkey free alternative. 
  • The interface is simple. The eye is pleased to observe the location of all the elements on the page. 
  • A prerequisite is a registration, without completing this task you will not succeed.
  • There are clues (if you are a beginner). If desired, they can be turned off. 

4) Photoshop Express Editor 

The youngest online version of our beloved old, good Photoshop. To use it you do not need to create an account. This one of programs like PicMonkey provides such features:

  • Image editing does not take much time with Photoshop Express Editor. But the result is excellent if you have at least some skills in this area.
  • Create collages by pressing a pair of keys. So you won’t lose a lot of time on this.
  • There are fewer tools than in the full version, but enough for a quick, high-quality result.
  • Add different filters along with cool effects. 
  • This site similar to PicMonkey is free to use. 
  • The interface is easy to use. You will not have to spend a decent amount of time to open the desired item.
  • If you need tips then you can turn them on.

5) BeFunky

This free online photo editor like PicMonkey offers 3 basic services. What kind? See below:

  • Creating collages. 
  • Editing photos.
  • Design tools. 

All of this is quite easy to use because the interface is thought out and dealing with everything is not difficult. He can also show such features:

  • Unique filters and effects.
  • Use the Picmonkey similar platform for free, but for a certain amount you can turn off all advertising. 
  • To start operating all the functions, you need to register, the process of special knowledge does not require, so you should easily deal with it.
  • Upload images from a computer and Internet services directly to this site.
  • With this Picmonkey alternative, you can expose the finished results immediately to your social networks. 
  • For beginners in this business, there are tips, you can enable them in the settings. 


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