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It is very easy to get lost in a large array of food delivery services. Most of them are similar but there are still differences that can play a huge role. A good service has to take into consideration various specific needs of the customers and display enough flexibility.

It is much more than just the taste of the food. Every aspect matters here. The quality of ingredients, the time needed for cooking, shipping and even the packaging is very important.   

This is why we decided to take a look at Blue Apron’s competitors to find the best alternatives.

8 Best Blue Apron Alternatives

  1. Hello Fresh
  2. Sun Basket 
  3. Freshly
  4. Green Chef
  5. Gobble
  6. Freshology
  7. Marley Spoon 
  8. Diet-to-Go

For our comparison, we took some of the most reliable and popular services on the market.

Hello Fresh

Overall Score – 9.5/10

Best For:

  • Couples
  • Healthy alternative
  • Restricted diets fro Weight Lose
  • Time-strapped people
  • Cooking food novices



  • Food variety — With so many rotating foods a week, you’re certain to find something that suits your needs.
  • Benefits dietary restrictions — You can also decide to leave out certain ingredients or request more diet-friendly foods like low carbohydrate choices.
  • Simple yet comprehensive — Hello New makes it actually simple to cook up your tasty food even though you do not have much kitchen experience. They actually categorize their foods by the level of difficulty.


  • Two-serving minimum — Should you be living by your self, you need to purchase a couple of servings per meal.
  • Simply no savings opportunities intended for larger families — Hello Fresh costs per portion which means you miss out upon the good thing about conserving by making a bigger batch.

This service is known for its attention to quality and a decent recipe selection, although there are other services that do provide a larger array of meal options.

Meal Plans/Pricing

The menus for every plan are interesting and there’s also certain flexibility regarding schedules.

This company has to provide 3 meal plans:

  • Veggie Plan ($9.99/serving),
  • Classic Plan ($9.99/serving),
  • Family Plan ($8.74/serving).

The number of servings can also be personalized.

Diets Accommodated

The main focus here is on fresh and healthy meals, although the choice of dishes seems limited. Customers with allergens will be provided with labeled products, making it easier to avoid the undesired ingredients. The choice of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes is limited as well.  

The main ingredients used for the preparation of dishes include meat, poultry, fish and seasonal vegetables. Each following week will follow a different meal pattern. The prices are within the affordable range while the meals are fresh and delicious.

There’s also no fee applied for shipping and the customer has the possibility to cancel, skip weeks, or introduce changes in his subscription at any time.  

Sun Basket 

Overall Score – 9.3/10

Best for:

  • Organic food
  • Saving Your Time
  • Families



  • Approximately 18 different food options — With Sun Basket, you will find loads of options for almost every nutritional need.
  • Great packaging — Sunlight Basket offers nice, streamlined, recyclable product packaging.
  • Organic and natural ingredients — Refreshing herbs and fruit and vegetables are a characteristic of several of the meals.


  • Higher priced than other providers — Sun Basket through no means cheap, especially in contrast to other meals delivery services.
  • Replicate ingredients — A few ingredients are a little repetitive in one delivery.

This service is one of a kind in many ways. Compared to other alternatives to Blue Apron, the quality of ingredients here is exceptional. Sun Basket makes sure to provide only organic and sustainable ingredients for every meal.

Meal Plans

Even though there are only two types of menus you can choose from – the Classic Menu, and the Family Menu, the customer can choose from a large variety of meals that change with every following week.

The meal selection is decent and you can also select meals based on your specific preferences, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and paleo.

This is one of the better services in terms of the quality-price ratio. If you want to have only organic produce on your table, then Sun Basket is definitely worth trying.

The available choice of two menus is complimented by a large number of meals that you can swap and combine based on your preferences.


For the Classic Menu, the price starts at $11.99 per serving. You can choose the number of servings in the selection window. The Family Plan includes kid-friendly meals and less dietary options. The price of this one starts at $10.99.


Overall Score: 8.7/10

Best For:

  • Easy meal planning
  • Time-strapped folks
  • Gluten-free folks



  • A Lot of meals and plans
  • Perfect for those on niche diets — Most Freshly meals are gluten-free, however, you can also get dishes that cater to other diets.
  • Freshly sends you meals that you’ve to take in the range, so there isn’t any well-timed prep.


  • Insufficient flavor — Even though Freshly’s food was decent, it did not have as much flavor as guaranteed.
  • Not just a ton of alternatives — Compared to other food delivery services, Freshly provides a limited sum of meal alternatives.

Freshly is a perfect option for you if you wish to receive fully cooked meals prepared from top-quality ingredients. While with other services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh you would receive fresh ingredients in a box, here you won’t even have to bother with that. All the meals are delivered to you right after they’re being cooked. Only minimal reheating would be required in this case.

Meal Plans

If you don’t want to spend extra time in the kitchen, then you can simply order from Freshly and receive meals like buffalo chicken, steak peppercorn, cod cakes.

The plan can be adjusted per 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week. Every new week you will receive a new choice of meals. There is also the possibility to skip weeks, change the plan or simply cancel the subscription at any time.


The cost of meals depends on the quantity you order. For 12 meals per week, the price for 1 serving starts at $8.99. The delivery service here is free.

Green Chef 

Overall Score – 9.1/10

Best for:

  • Healthy food
  • Global foods
  • Green packaging (boxes)



  • Foods for each and every diet — Whether you’re paleo, a vegetarian, or perhaps gluten-free, you will find a variety of dishes to suit your needs.
  • Global focus — You will find lots of exotic dishes to keep the meals interesting.
  • Green focus — Green Chef is the only meal delivery service that centers on food AND the material is actually packaged in. Foodstuff is reliably procured, and the presentation may be recycled.


  • Price — $9. 99-$12. 99 per providing is way more than you’d dedicate to the grocery shop.

Amongst companies like Blue Apron, Green Chef is known for the quality of ingredients and a large array of dietary plans.

Meal Plans

Green Chef is another rare case in the food industry because it ensures the quality of each ingredient. This means that every vegetable is 100% organic and the meat was not injected with hormones or antibiotics.

As is the case with many other services of this kind, the customer can choose from vegetarian meals, vegan, gluten-free, omnivore, carnivore, and paleo options. The detailed instructions for cooking are easy to follow and are included in every box.

All the ingredients are delivered in insulated boxes that keep them refrigerated until the moment they get on your table.


The prices for each plan vary and start at $11.99 for the omnivore menu, $13.49 for the carnivore menu, and $11.99 for the vegan menu. There is also a fee applied for delivery and handling.


If your priority is to minimize the time needed for cooking, then Gobble is exactly what you need.

Meal Plans

This service makes sure that you won’t have to spend an extra minute in the kitchen to get your delicious meal cooked. Most of the meals need only around 15 minutes to be fully prepared. The cards with recipes usually provide 3 easy steps for cooking to make things really easy. Pre-made sauces are also of big help when you just don’t have enough time or your schedule is too hectic.

After you’ve subscribed to the service, you can select a delivery either for two or four people. The weekly menu includes around 10 meals. You have the possibility to skip weeks, customize your plan or cancel the subscription at any time. The price of shipping will be $6.99.


The prices here depend on the number of servings. Each meal starts at $11.99. Service’s minimum order is 2 dinner kits (4 meals). The cost for one meal, in that case, will be $13.99. The number of kits you can order is not limited and you can upgrade your plan whenever you wish.


Freshology is a healthy Blue apron alternative that helps save time by providing chef-prepared ready to heat meals. The nutritious meals are complemented by irresistible flavors. The food here is healthy and can actually help lose weight and gain the necessary energy for the day. The plans are flexible and you can introduce any changes in your subscription at any time.

New customers will get a discount for their first week of 10%. With Freshology, there is never a shortage of recipes. One of the peculiarities of this service is that you need to choose a plan and pay first in order to choose your meals. The prices here range from $121.99 to $204.59 per week.

Freshology focuses on specific diets that are perfect for weight loss or prevention of diabetes. The vegetarian menu here is diverse and will most likely satisfy any needs.

Marley Spoon 

Marley Spoon meal delivery service is famous for its fantastic recipes that are updated on a weekly basis. These were created by Martha Stewart – a renowned chef. This cooperation resulted in a decent selection of meals and meal kits with high-quality ingredients. The process of cooking here is more engaging but the detailed instructions will keep you on the right track.

There are 5 categories of meals in the menu section. Every week you can choose 20 meals from these categories. These are Health and Diet, Vegetarian and Vegan, Under 30 minutes, Meat and Fish, and Family-friendly. The subscription here offers enough flexibility. Skipping weeks of delivery is not a problem.  Shipping comes at additional fees.

For a two-person meal kit, the prices start at $9.50 and for three to four servings included in the box, the price would start at $8.20.


This service offers ample possibilities for those who’d like to lose weight. The meals that are on the menu are balanced and nutritious at the same time. However, this doesn’t mean that the dishes are not delicious. The recipes look and taste fantastic. Depending on your needs you can choose from Balance, Vegetarian, Balance-Diabetic or Keto-Carb30 menu.

For the first week of your new subscription, you will get a 10% discount for the entire menu. This service offers fully cooked meals which are perfect for those who don’t have time or the possibility to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The delivery is highly customizable here. You can set your preferred time of delivery in advance. The shipping fees will apply here.

Just like with other food delivery services like Blue Apron, the meal plans are flexible here and you can swap meals whenever you feel like it. You can also introduce changes in your subscription.

Additionally, you will get free access to a nutritionist who can help you with your diet plan and offer valuable advice.



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