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After reading this article you will learn about the best 10 alternatives to eBook Torrent Sites To Download Free Books In 2019.

Our List of 10 Free EBook Torrent Sites To Download In 2019

  • SmashWord
  • BookShare A
  • FreeBookSport
  • MenyBooks
  • Free-Ebooks.net
  • Torrentz 2
  • IsoHunt

1) SmashWord

Ebook torrents give you the opportunity to download your own books and buy others. 

What can you learn from the first function for yourself? 

  • This is an opportunity to become popular and make money. It is also possible that you simply can share your experience with other people.
  • In the second option, you can get the knowledge that you can download through Torrent.
  • In any case, one can draw knowledge from here. There are also free books available for download to each user. 
  • There are online advertising and downloading material from it you will not receive a virus. 

2) BookShare A

Free and one of the best torrent site for books platform from which you can safely download files to your computer and use them. 

Also, you can load your own books themselves to this free ebook torrent and if you want to earn money.

The payment system is reliable, and the commission for the sale is small. In addition, the site is in demand among users of the Internet space, which means that it will be easier to make a sale. 

This torrent service besides text formats also offers audio. This state-of-the-art feature allows you to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go with your headphones. 

To make sales and use other functions of this pirate bay for books, you need to register. It will not take much time, and you will quickly cope with the task assigned to you. 


The torrent platform for books has a couple of nice features that push it to a leading position in the niche. 

This is a distribution of files in all formats that are only available. You can download the book to all devices without any problems. It doesn’t matter whether it is an electronic book, or a telephone, or a computer.

The second “trick” can be distinguished by the fact that this torrent site has a small percentage of commission. And if you came with the goal of earning some capital, then this will play into your hands. The platform is popular among people and the chance that you successfully sell your material is very high. 

The top sales function will show you which direction is currently the most popular. 

4) FreeBookSport

Best ebook torrent sites will allow you to download books by other authors and at the same time receive exclusive information. The site reliably protects its users from viruses. 

Download your own books there while not putting much effort. This book torrent website itself will try to bring you a client. The turnover of his audience is large enough to find a buyer. 

The site has a filtering system for genres, so you can choose what you like.

To use the functions of this torrent site, you just need to register, it should not take a lot of time. 


All functions that will be listed below do not require registration.

  • The first function is to buy or download a free book. This process is not complicated and almost everyone can cope with it. You can find the material you need in the search bar or in the categories. 
  • The second function is to sell your material to other people. The commission for the sale of books, this torrent site takes a small.
  • There are ads on this ebook torrenting site.

6) MenyBooks

This torrent for books has a good search engine. You can find the desired material using the input line, and categories.  

To successfully use all the features you need to register. 

7) Free-Ebooks.net

The site allows you to sell and buy on your platform. 

He shows his customers the best books that are for sale, alternatives to them and is made so that everything is intuitive. 

  • Shopping is protected. 
  • The service at registration gives you free books.  
  • The system for finding the right material is simple. 

8) Torrentz 2

This platform is similar to a search engine for books. All you need is just to enter a name in the search bar and get about 5 links to the place where you can download the material. 

This torrent with the service is completely free and in order to start using it you do not need to register or something like that. 

You can use VPN to open links in all places of our planet. 

9) IsoHunt

  • This torrent site for books is multifunctional, you can find movies and games there, and what is most important for us is books. 
  • He has a large library, which has been operating since 2010 and is updated every day in order to satisfy the reader’s wishes. 
  • When downloading, you can be sure that viruses will not get to your computer and will not harm your data. 


  • This torrent site will not help you earn money, but will provide an opportunity to become popular. 
  • The service is constantly adding new books.
  • Among all the variety, their search engine will help you, it is simple and convenient to use. 
  • Downloading from this service is free and safe, no viruses are a threat to you. 
  • Transition, use and enjoy reading books.

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