The following mathway alternatives will be able to help students from all over the world:

SpeedCrunch – the best website like MathWay

Website –

If you need help solving math problems, then contact this service. It will provide a list of features that can help you:

  • Unlimited Variables. Allows you to create a wide variety of equations along with breathtaking answers.
  • Syntax highlighting. The eye will read information from the monitor with maximum speed, because everything becomes clear.
  • The input history will allow you not to have tons of information about the actions taken in your head.
  • You can download it on the official website. The program is available for people with operating systems such as Linux Windows, Mac.
  • After solving the functions, he can provide you with a graphical version of it. Which is pretty good news.
  • The app is free. (It asks to donate money in order to perfect its creation).


Website –

This online website similar to mathway but free will be able to solve your problems in mathematical equations and the like. For example:

  • Solve a function and plot. All you need to do is enter values.
  • Large permission to enter variables. That will allow you to solve a variety of problems facing you.
  • Find a solution to several equations at once. Save time by yourself.
  • Syntax highlighting. With it, you will perceive information faster.
  • Unleash complete tasks.
  • Shows the most popular formulas. Perhaps there you will already find an option suitable for you.
  • The site does not charge any fees for its services, you just need to register on it.


Website –

Need help in math problems, then contact this mathway alternative. It will provide you with such functions:

  • The solution of many equations. Which will save time.
  • Syntax highlighting helps to perceive information faster.
  • The decision of functions and construction of schedules.
  • The application can be downloaded on the official website. It will be accessible to people who use devices on the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac. It can also be operated as a website.
  • It is built in the likeness of Python, open-source.
  • This website like mathway that shows steps is completely free.
  • Allows you to enter a large number of variables, thereby building a variety of tasks.
  • History will allow you not to keep a large amount of information in your head. You can just dare at any time to all your completed operations and the results obtained from them in this application.


Website –

The websites like mathway will help you find answers to many questions. It will provide such functions:

  • The solution of mathematical equations. You don’t need to turn around with this, just point the camera at the task assigned to you and get the correct result.
  • This free mathway alternative can build graphs.
  • Syntax highlighting. With it, you will perceive information faster.
  • When you press the “Steps” button, you will receive a detailed description of how the task you set was solved. So you understand the principle and you can solve it yourself (It refers to the case when you did not understand how to find the right answer).
  • The application is available for users of mobile devices based on Android, iOS, Windows phone.
  • All functionality is completely free.
  • It allows you to enter a large number of variables, so you get the opportunity to create various tasks and find the right results for them.

Cymath – another site like MathWay

Website –

It doesn’t matter whether you are a university student or studying at school, you still can help this service, it know the algorithms for solving both simple equations and trigonometric substitutions. This site similar to MathWay also able to demonstrate such things:

  • A step-by-step explanation of your solutions. It will help to understand the principle of work on the exercises.
  • Fast delivery of results. Good time-saving.
  • The usual calculator. Though primitive, but a useful thing.
  • Plotting. It will be a pleasant discovery.
  • Highlighting all the necessary nuances. So that you perceive the information with maximum speed and do not scatter your attention on unnecessary material.
  • Free functionality. Therefore, it is open to all users.
  • Available for mobile devices as applications. It can also work as a website.

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