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Our OppLoans review covers one of the top rated installment loan services on the web. OppLoans is very similar to pay day loan sites, nonetheless it actually provides personal loans which can vary between $1, 000 to $10, 000. They have fast next-day funding, allowing you to quickly get yourself a hand on the funds that you need. Whether you need to pay medical bills , fix your car or pay rent, OppLoans can help you get money today!

High Approval Rate

One of the best reasons for OppLoans is their amazing approval rate. With a very low credit rating, you can still get your hands on a personal loan. With loans only $1, 000, there’s really something for all and most lenders that use OppLoans do not require high credit scores. In fact , some people can even get approved with fico scores of 500 or lower.

OppLoans review

Along with their high approval rate is their fast approval process. You’ve probably never seen a lender provide you with this type of fast approval. In most cases, it may need under twenty four hours from the moment you fill out their simple form to the minute you have the money in your account. All through our OppLoans review, we made a tiny $1, 000 loan request without letting them know about this review so that it would be totally unbiased. 18 hours later, the $1, 000 was in our account.

Lower Rates than Pay day loans

OppLoans excels at getting you cash loans for bad credit scores, but they also excel at bringing you the cheapest rates in the industry. Payday loans have APR rates that vary between 400 to 1200%, OppLoans APR rates vary between 99 to 199%.

opploans review

Whether you’re buying small emergency loan and even if you’re looking for a personal loan of $10, 000, you’re going to want the lowest rates possible. Choosing OppLoans guarantees that you will have the best rates since they work with numerous lenders and they make sure you never overpay.

Outstanding Support

One of the best things we heard bout them when working on this OppsLoan review is that they have amazing support. Their customer support respond so amazing fast, it’s easier than ever to get the answers to your questions. Whether you’re unsure about the rates or even if you’d want to negotiate repayment terms that better suit your budget, OppLoans will be there for you.

opploans review

They can be contacted in a variety of ways. Here is a list of techniques you can contact them with questions, inquiries, more information as well as suggestions.


Customer Support: (800) 990-9130

Fax: (855) 920-5000


[email protected] com


Opportunity Financial, LLC

130 E Randolph St, Suite 1650

Chicago, IL 60601

Opening Hours:

7 a. m. to 7 p. m. CST, Monday-Friday

9 a. m. to 4 p. m. CST, Saturday

12 p. m. to 5 p. m. CST, Sunday

Final Verdict

Whether you’re buying $1, 000 loan or even if you need thousands of dollars, you will find what you’re trying to find at OppLoans. They have amazing support, exceptional rates, fast funding and so they can provide you with quick cash despite having bad credit . Apply for a loan at OppLoans today, it doesn’t affect your credit score and there are no obligations!

Official Site


[email protected]

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