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PaperRater is one of the first places you’ll desire to visit before handing in an essay or publishing a write-up online. We used it while writing this PaperRater review and we can vouch for its accuracy and speed. If you’re looking for a free online grammar checker that doesn’t need you to download computer software or create an account, you’re going to love Paper Rater.

After testing out just 3 of our posts for grammar mistakes, we found a complete of 4 errors. That’s huge since we actually proofread all content before it gets published. PaperRater makes it easy for you really to catch spelling mistakes that you’ve missed. No matter how amazing your grammar skills are, you’re bound to miss something eventually and that’s where PaperRater is available in. With a simple scan, you can literally catch all of the spelling mistakes within seconds.

Amazing Speed

One of the greatest things about PaperRater is its outstanding speed. You’ll only have to wait a few seconds to access the spelling and grammar check results. We copy and pasted roughly 1, 000 words of content and it took roughly 10 seconds to scan the whole thing. We then proceeded by uploading a 5-page Word document for this PaperRater review plus it took under a minute to scan the complete thing.

Many online grammar checking tools take several minutes to scan documents, but PaperRater is incredibly fast. As the results are perhaps not instant, this is easily on the list of fastest sentence correction services available on the internet.

Grammar and Spell Always check Accuracy

Yet another huge perk of Paper Rater is their outstanding accuracy. As you expect English grammar checker tools to be perfect, not all of these are. A number of other services miss out on tons of errors and some even provide recommendations for properly written content. While testing for our PaperRater review, we were very impressed to see near perfection. Actually our tests did show perfection. We tested an overall total of 10 documents/articles and all spelling errors were found, then fixed with proper suggestions.

Premium PaperRater Features

PaperRater is entirely free to use. However , you might want to upgrade to their premium plan if you have a ton of lengthy documents to check. With the free plan, you’ll only have the ability to check 5-page documents at the same time. This means if you’re document has 20 pages, you’ll have to perform 4 checks. While this isn’t all that annoying, it may get time-consuming for some. Below is a chart displaying all the additional premium features.

PaperRater Premium

Upgrading to their premium plan costs $14. 95 monthly or $95. 40 per year, which is very reasonable. This is especially affordable for teachers or students who’ve to perform plagiarism checks on a weekly basis. We highly recommend upgrading if you plan on using this tool on a regular basis, otherwise the free plan can do just fine.

Vocabulary Suggestions and Feedback

PaperRater provides you with exceptional feedback and vocabulary suggestions. When uploading your content, it is possible to pick the schooling level of the writer. Then they provide you with details about the vocabulary you should be using according to that level and whether you’re using enough academic vocabulary words. You will also be shown whether your articles is inferior or better than other writers of exactly the same level.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an user friendly grammar checker online, PaperRater is the strategy to use. They don’t use a computer software, so there’s nothing to download. You should use it without having to sign up and you can enjoy unlimited spell checks for free. We absolutely loved using it because of this PaperRater review and we know you will too, regardless of whether you’re a teacher, student, blogger or simply wish to proofread your social media posts!

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