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Our Rubik Loan review covers a variety of aspects of this new pay day loan service, letting you make an informed decision before getting a loan online. Payday loan sites are not all trustworthy and some are better than the others. After reviewing dozens of different payday lenders online, we feel that Rubik Loan is at the top of the list along with the most useful payday loan service websites.

Exceptional Loan Variety

Most $1, 000 payday loans max out at $1, 000 and don’t allow you to borrow more money before you repay the initial loan completely. Rubik Loan’s lender enables you to borrow up to $5, 000, providing you with more flexibility. This permits you to get payday loans on the web for a bigger variety of reasons. Whether you will need to renovate your bathroom, buy an used car and even if you need to pay back bills, Rubik Loan makes it possible.

Borrowers can apply for a loan as low as $100 or as high as $5, 000. However , each state has its own terms. Some states have maximum payday loan amounts and all of this information is clearly explained on the Rubik Loan Rates & Fees page .

Amazing Customer Service

Among the major great things about using Rubik Loan for your quick cash loan needs is their amazing customer service team. While writing this Rubik Loan review, we called them up a few times with various questions. We never mentioned that we were writing a review of their service so that you can prevent them from being biased.

Our experience was phenomenal. We were connected with a support team member within minutes without ever being forced to wait on hold for very long. Once connected, they certainly were incredibly helpful and answered our inquiries with precision and with clear details.

One thing that we loved was being able to make an application for online cash advance payday loans by phone. Even the most effective payday loan websites don’t always offer the power to apply via phone, causeing the a truly enjoyable feature. In the event that you don’t wish to waste your own time with online forms or if you want to make sure that your application gets handled immediately, call them up. However , even when applying on line, your file gets approved in under an hour or so.

Loan Requirements

Another exemplary thing about Rubik Loan is their low requirements. They work with a network of over 100 different lenders, so they can help you get approved for loans even although you have a poor credit score. But you must will have some sort of income in order to get approved.

These conditions will vary from lender to a different, so even if you don’t quite have all of these requirements, you need to still apply for a loan . Rubik Loan will work hard to get you approved with the most effective payday loans for your requirements.

Final Thought

We wrote this Rubik Loan review after obtaining a $1, 000 payday loan from their website. We contacted them often and we repaid completely on the set date. The process was smooth, simply and certainly enjoyable. We loved nearly every single facet of Rubik Loan including their outstanding support team, their fast transferring of the funds and their near instant approval. If you’re looking for the best pay day loan sites on line, Rubik Loan is truly worth checking out.

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