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In this article, you will learn about sites like TheChive. Here is our top: 

  • FunnyorDIE
  • DumpADay
  • Radass
  • boredpanda
  • CollegeHumor`s
  • 9GAG
  • lol pics
  • imgur
  • attack of the cute

1) FunnyorDIE

If a smile prolongs life, then we have discovered the secret of eternal life. That’s because there is a large list of content that will cheer you up. 

Advantages of this site similar to thechive:

  • Databases are constantly updated, so the latest content provided in your use. 
  • A variety of content, there are both photos and videos. Files in the GIF extension. 
  • The site is free. 
  • There is almost no advertising. 
  • Confidentiality.

To use it is necessary to register, the procedure is not complicated and does not take much time. Available on Android, iOS platforms.

2) DumpADay

 Multichannel service like thechive. Available in different countries, so people from all over the world can get their dose of positive. It has such functions: 

  • Jokes 24/7. Databases are constantly updated. It’s unlikely that you be able to see the same picture several times.
  • Variety: there are, like funny photos, and funny videos. The materials are in good quality and pleasant to view. 
  • No ads.
  • All the data that you specify in the input line are fully protected, no unauthorized persons can receive your personal information.
  • You can share data from this platform on social networks. 

The service is completely free and does not require registration. The site is available as a site or application on phones with the operating system Android, iOS.

3) Radass

The multifunctional alternative to websites like thechive. There are such features:

  • Constantly updating the content base.
  • Advertising does not pop up out of anywhere and does not close important data for you. 
  • Confidentiality.
  • Share the content you find here in your social networks. networks. 

First, you need to register, the process is not complicated and will not take much time. 

The service works as a website, there are no applications.  

4) boredpanda

This one of websites similar to TheChive leads everyone out of depression. In funny images, you will see real-life situations. 


  • freshest material. 
  • Downloading images is completely free and safe.
  • Searching by categories is very convenient and saves time. 
  • The site is confidential and all your data is fully protected. 
  • Of the minuses, you can highlight advertising. 

For operation, you need to register. It won’t take much time. The site is available only as a website.

5) CollegeHumor`s

Another site like thechive was invented for students of one college, but at the moment it is accessible to any person. It offers users the following features: 

  • Everyone can create their own memes. An editor who is already installed on this site will help them in this.  
  • Find the creations of other users and easily install them on your device. 
  • Finished material can be distributed on their social networks. 
  • The confidentiality of all your data is ensured.

This service is completely free. All that is needed for operation is registration, the process itself is not complicated, so it should not take a lot of time. The platform works as a site, there are no applications.  

6) 9GAG

A website like TheChive has the format of social. networks. Allows you to search for friends, have fun and relax. He has a large number of users, which gives a large selection of material for viewing, etc. The platform has all of the following: 

  • A wide range of material that can be downloaded to your device. Not afraid to pick up viruses or other malicious programs. 
  • The ability to create your own memes and cheer up other users. In the process of producing your picture will help the editor. It is already installed right on this site. 
  • Share images, etc. in other social media.
  • Convenient search system, through category or deadline. 
  • Confidentiality. All information that you provide here is under reliable protection. 
  • Available in many countries. 

To start using its functions you need to register, it is not difficult. This platform similar to TheChive is available as a website and applications for mobile devices. Android, iOS. A separate program is available for Windows users.

7) lol pics

most fashionable pictures from all over the Internet are selected. The service has just a huge number of customers and it has established itself in their eyes as a caring and thoughtful site. And it will not succeed in moving away from these qualities. In full force at the moment, the number of fans is more than 5 million. It provides you with such opportunities: 

  • Browse a large amount of funny material and download it with a calm soul. Not afraid that viruses or other malicious programs get to you.
  • Advertising almost does not appear while using this application. Staying on the site is comfortable.
  • Confidentiality saves all your data.

This alternative to thechive is presented for use by people in several formats. Application for mobile devices (Android, iOS). And websites, they are fully responsive and will work equally well on screens of different sizes. 

8) imgur

This one of the sites similar to Chive has the following features:

  • Large selection of material. Finding something that really suits you is not difficult. 
  • Data security is a leader. After all, to start operation, you must register, respectively, you must enter data.  
  • The opportunity shares the images you found here. You can put them on your social networks. 
  • Create personal memes. The editor that is installed on this site will help in this. 
  • There is almost no advertising.  

This application like TheChive is available for users of Android, iOS. And in the format of websites. All services are completely free. 

9) attack of the cute

A selection of the best photos with animals, which will give you features such as:

  • View funny pictures with your favorite pets. 
  • Set the actual photo taken to evaluate other users.
  • You can download the image without fear that viruses or other malicious programs will come to you.
  • Share cute images with friends on your social networks.
  • Advertising is almost not present. Nothing prevents or closes the content.
  • Almost all the photos are in good quality, so it’s nice to look at them.  

The format of this site is provided only in the form, but it is fully adaptive and it works on different devices. Registration and deposit of money is not required. 


You can find a lot of selected humor on this platform like TheChive. In addition to this, there is also: The

  • ability to download the content. 
  • Advertising will not crawl out and cover the page you are viewing.
  • A search engine that helps you find the best material among all this diversity. 
  • Share found images with friends on social networks. 

All site like TheChive at this list are completely free does not require a cent in order to start working with its functionality. You don’t even need to register, just go and watch other people’s jokes or create your own using the internal editor. 


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