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Movie streaming providers offer numerous streaming velocity. You can test the quickness of the streaming company. There are different techniques you can do that. Netflix even offers a speed index for numerous ISPs.

If you are on a job to check video speed or even using the streaming sites, you need to check streaming quickness.

As SolarMovie is banned in the majority of the countries, we thought to present some SolarMovie alternatives that can be useful for assessment of your streaming speed.

About SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the most popular websites for viewing the films and Tv set series. It provides top quality movies. It has all varieties of videos like humor, drama, and actions etc. It is such as a whole bundle for over the internet streaming and available for free.

Our Top list Websites Like SolarMovie.com

  • bmovies
  • Vumoo
  • YesMovies
  • CMovies
  • Solar
  • 123movies
  • VexMovies
  • GoSream
  • YifyTv
  • moviewatcher


Bmovies perfectly divided all the films into categories. Everything is painted from the first to the last letter of the alphabet. There is a large list of genres. From the first minutes of your stay on the site, you will understand what’s what. The library is quite large, there you can find both series and films different on the genre.

Watching movies is free, so you can safely go-to site and watch your favorite shows without registering

This Solarmovie alternative is constantly updating the database. Therefore, you can find many releases on it, as well as find out the latest news from the media space. Thus, he demonstrates customer care.

Views and time spent on the site are unlimited. You can be there 24/7.

The service without problems supports series from different countries, such as: Japan, USA, China, England, Switzerland, Korea, etc.


Great service for watching movies. With his help, you can find a wide variety of films, TV shows and television shows in good quality. Believe me, you will have plenty to choose from. After all, the library of the site is quite large. It has the most popular films of past years and there are those that are now in the trend.

The search system is provided. There are many categories that speed up your process of finding the right show or movie. The service lists all the genres that may be. By clicking on them you see the entire list of films in the repertoire for all years.

I would also like to note that you can easily download all the video material to your computer. If you want to receive notifications about the news of the site, then you just need to register, it will not take you much time.

All in all, it is one of the best alternatives Solarmovie can find.


After all, all these websites like Solarmovie give many opportunities and pleasant bonuses to its customers. Now we will talk about them.

  • The first is that almost all of his films are in excellent quality. Watching the video of the material you have chosen will not leave you a bad review about yourself. The picture will go smoothly, the sound will not lag behind or be ahead of what is happening on the screen.
  • The second would like to note that he has a large library, where you can find various films, series and television shows. You definitely won’t be bored.
  • A pleasant bonus is they have a huge collection of English films, and the site also supports cooperation with the cinema of such countries: USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, France, etc.


CMovies as a free site like Solarmovie with which you can watch a huge number of films from different countries.

Its library stores films, a series of different genres. With it, you can also watch television shows and most importantly in good quality. The site is trying to think as much as possible, made a good search system, no matter what you spend your precious time.

It should also be good news for you that the database of all alternatives to Solarmovie is regularly updated and gives the latest news from the world of cinema, releases. On service, you can be one of the first to see the new series of your favorite series.

The site works with the cinema of Asia, USA, and Europe.


Easy to use but very effective.

The entire functionality is thought out, starting from the search system and ending with the picture quality of film. Now we go through everything.

  • The first thing that attracts is all movie sites like Solarmovie are free.
  • The second we highlight is they have a large library. You are unlikely to leave the site with the thought that there is nothing to see because the database is constantly updated, popular old films are saved, and a large selection of TV shows, along with television shows from different countries.

The movie search engine is amazing.

This Solarmovie replacement site is free and you do not need to register to watch video files.

The site also works with many countries, which makes it multilateral.


  • A modern other movie sites like Solarmovie with great functionality.
  • His library contains many television programs, series, and films.
  • You can watch all the films and anime series without stopping for an hour.
  • The movie search engine is also well-tuned. You can search using categories or enter a name in the input line. In the first version, everything is painted from the first to the last letter of the alphabet.
  • There, and the search for genres and year of release, in general, all that is needed. In the second option, you need to know the specific name of the film and then the numerical seconds gives you the result you need.


From the very beginning, the site offers you to choose a movie genre to watch. Which testifies to the care and most importantly about a good movie search system. It is extremely necessary since service has a large library and in order to navigate it well, you need a good helper.

All video material on this website similar to Solarmovie is uploaded in good quality and is broadcast to you in the same extension. What is very pleasing to watch your favorite TV shows, television shows, movies is nice. Viewing is not disgusting.

Ads are almost absent and once again it will not catch your eye.
The site works with many countries. I would also like to add that it is free and does not require registration to view.


A wide variety of films, which are in good quality and different genres.
Also here is full of series and television shows with them you definitely will not get bored. In the categories, you will see sub-items by genre and release date.

The solar movie alternative works with many countries and it develops it in all directions. He rents his creations of cinema and is allowed to work in their territories.

The service offers you to download video material without registration and view it, too, on this principle. Also, platform blocks annoying ads so that their users can completely relax.


A site with a large modern library, which, in addition to ordinary films, is also full of series with television shows. They are all in different genres and you can choose your own mood.

The search system is debugged and works as a watch so that you would find what you need without spending time. It is divided into two search options. The first is using an input line, and the second is related to categories.

To use its functionality of these alternatives to Solarmovie, you do not even need to register.

There is almost no advertising on the site.


The service is in demand among users of the Internet resource. For simple reasons.

The first is a large library that offers people a choice in all genres. And it stores television programs, series from around the world. It is diversified and it is not visible that one type of work prevails over another. Everything is thought out while using it there are no negative emotions about the site.

The search system is designed to save your time in finding the material you need. There are several ways to search for information, by category and using the input line.

There is a bit of advertising on this Solarmovie alternative that does not steal your time before viewing.

The site cooperates with different countries, which helps him collect information from different parts of our planet and distribute it in the most secluded places.


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